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"The only things Duane Pitre wants to overcome on Feel Free are his own ingrained work habits and the mandates of his material ... the music proceeds without conflict into a three-dimensional fractal framework of curved contours and bright, pulsating nodes. Remaining poised and infinitely deep throughout, it's gorgeous stuff." - The Wire

"Feel Free might be the most listenable probability-based music that I have heard … certainly has to do the fact that this five-part piece is not purely steered by the vagaries of chance … only possible when it is executed deftly and ingeniously and Pitre scores on both counts … Not "random" in any jagged, cacophonous kind of way, mind you, but the amorphous, organic unfolding of plucks and swells feels naturally occurring rather than deliberate … While I certainly admire his stealth and fluidity as a composer, it is the blurring of computer and human … into a single woozy, soft-focus middle ground that is Duane's real masterstroke, yielding a seamless, gently swaying tapestry of sublime, droning beauty.  In a way, Feel Free is a weirdly perfect piece of music … complexly textured … genuine, deep pathos … off-kilter, mysterious … it can probably be endlessly looped without ever becoming boring." - Brainwashed

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The two major focal points in the creation of composer Duane Pitre's Feel Free, his new work for a unique sextet combination, were rhythm and melody. An open yet orderly system intended to produce potentially infinite variations of self-generating rhythm and melody was carefully created for this piece, allowing the sextet musicians to approach these factors in a freer manner. This ‘musical system,’ combined with the fixed elements of the composition, in turn, spawned a rich foundation of harmony & rhythm that sounds & feels exotic and new.

The title, Feel Free, derives in part from one of the composition’s instructions to its performers. It suggests that they should feel free to interact with (or ignore) one another, as well as with the random, real-time, computer generated patterns of guitar harmonics (the pillar of the work); therefore making intuitive yet rule-based decisions, in that moment of the piece, instead of relying on standard notation to dictate their every move. This approach creates a performance that is unique upon each occasion that it is performed; it is free from its own restraints.

Pitre set out to compose a piece as a musical lattice-work that was rich with layers and interweaving rhythmic patterns, superimposing themselves upon each another in ways that would at times synchronize with and without intention. It is a system rooted in chaos that finds alignment in a myriad of ways.

Recording personal: Duane Pitre - computer (electronics & guitar) • Jim Altieri - violin • Shannon Fields - hammered dulcimer • James Ilgenfritz - contrabass • Jessie Marino - cello • Jesse Sparhawk - harp

microtonal music
Split LP w/ ElehEleh / Duane Pitre
Split LP

Released in conjunction w/ the Feel Free CD/LP, is this split LP w/ Pitre & Eleh (also on Important Records). Pitre's side contains a recording of his Feel Free Installation. This sound installation is void of any performers and unlike the group version of the piece (found on the Feel Free CD/LP), is meant to embody a certain stillness.

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